“PIP” Health Insurance Claim Funding

“No Fault” Account Receivable Funding/Claim Advance!

Medical Funding Source is the Largest Medical Funding Marketplace for PIP Claim / “No-Fault” Insurance Claims

No fault insurance applies to car accident and personal injury in “No-Fault” law states.

We primarily fund in the state of New York and Michigan and Florida.

We provide funding for any type of Medical provider who bill PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and bill “No Fault” insurance, soone can receive the best rates possible/highest rates for their “No-Fault” Account receivables.

MFS provides a Bid/Offer platform that provide the highest returns for any specialty including Surgery Centers, Orthopedics, MRI/Radiology, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, etc.

Our Rates are one of the most competitive rates in the industry, and our funding approval time is one of the fastest in the industry. We have many references, testimonials, and satisfied Customers!

Our “No-Fault” bidding process is the fastest in the market and we require very minimal of information from the provider, so one can get immediate offers for No Fault A/R purchase/funding. We require settlement history for past 1-2+years and outstanding A/R in an Excel form.

Minimal Client Information and few sample bills would assist any No Fault Insurance Medical Provider to receive mediate bids. We match specific No-Fault funding requests to the right buyer with best returns! In addition to funding or advancing immediate case against your No-Fault(PIP) Claims, we can improve your collection rate for No-Fault Claims, since we have established the best attorney’s handling collection systems in the business.

We specialize in any No Fault A/R Funding for any type of any provider and at any “No Fault” state. We do fund No-Fault A/R in all No-Fault States and predominantly in Michigan, New York and Florida.

Medical Funding Source provide AR Funding services including full Cash Purchase for Liens or Hybrid of Upfront payment and additional profits for provider from the settlement side when claims aresettled. We are handling litigation and mediation where applicable.

We provide the fastest process to get funding for Provider “No Fault” A/R and our system does all Lien/case verification after Bid was accepted.

Medical Providers can use the funds from PIP A/R bulk sale or ongoing funding for business expansion and improved cash flow! We are handling transaction from 100K for aged PIP up to 100MM.

Medical Funding Source provide exclusive capital sources, and numerous funding sources and specifically match provider needs and receivables, to get quick and highest rates of returns on A/R.

Our marketplace is 100% Free without contracts or any financial commitments.

We provide Secure – Confidential – HIPAA Compliant PIP Funding Marketplace.

No Fault – FAQ

We offer full PI NO fault portfolio purchases as well as  upfront payments and cash advance against new No-Fault Claims with full provider collection profits on the settlement side after investor return on upfront advance. We also offer ongoing funding options with daily funding before or after treatment is rendered.

Usually, it takes about 7 days to 10 days to get funding for No Fault A/R. Ongoing funding is immediate and can be done on a daily basis before or after treatment.Our rates are in the range of 30% -50% pending on collection returns. We also assist providers in additional referrals to grow their business

A medical provider can receive between 30% to 50%+/-
The rate depends on three things:
– Types of Treatment
– Billing Rate /”Usual and Customary” Rate Multiple in MI, No Fault Fee Schedule in NY
– Collection/No fault Settlement history

The minimum we fund is about 50K Monthly in No fault Claims, and at At least 100K  in Aged No Fault Claims. We typically keep your billing as usual.

We buy No Fault A/R primarily in Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Florida.