How does medical A/R funding works?

Fund and Advance against Provider’s No Fault(“PIP”), Personal Injury Liens/LOP’s, Workers Comp Medical Claims for a share of a potential settlement or a share of an account receivables Collection.

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Access to new asset class

Traditionally, only Institutional Investors and Expert MedicalFunding Companies have been able to invest in Medical Account Receivables Med Funding Hub enables its members to participate in recoveries from Physician’s Medical claims alongside Medical Hedge Funds and Inst Investors.

Strong historical return

Med Funding Source team has achieved and great & solid annual rate of return more than20% over the past few years for WC, No Fault & PI Provider Claims. *Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Returns based on principal’s internal reporting.

Uncorrelated to capital markets

Returns on investments in Medical Claims are typically not dependent on financial markets.

Moderate investment lifecycle

Most investments in Medical Claims reach finality within 1-3 years, shorter than other alternative asset classes like private equity.

Expertly screened and verified Claims/Cases

All investment opportunities posted on Med Funding Hub have been pre-vetted by a team of Experienced Medical A/R Analysts.

Ongoing Recovery and Settlements Updates

Med Funding Source provides investors the ability to follow Medical Collection and PI case litigation activity of any step of Recovery and Collection.

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